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FinTech Services

Today, the technology sector and financial services industry are becoming more combined to provide enhanced and ingenious solutions to solve complex challenges across different fields. Since Mauritius is also increasingly evolving into a fintech hub, many job applicants are interested in building their career in this fast-growing industry that is changing the face of technology and finance in our daily lives.

On a global scale, the Fintech services sector has significantly expanded to make operations and applications of all natures more agile and flexible and this is exactly where Inoveite as a company stands. With a vision of implementing evolving technologies in intelligent business processes that make a change to our customers' business requirements, Inoveite has carved a name for itself as an innovative Fintech service provider globally.

Inoveite is known for providing a wide range of custom-tailored FinTech solutions that are strategically devised to meet our clients’ goals in the sector. With the diverse talents of our teams at work, we position ourselves in the services industry as a unique trend-setter that deploys and optimizes effective processes to help our customers' stay ahead of the competition.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Inoveite specializes in BPO solutions whereby our back and front office processes are optimized to build long-term success and connect brands to people through strategic and highly efficient ways. All brand-building projects we’ve undertaken till now have exceeded the expected outcomes of our clients and empowered our employees to be better at what they already do.

Indeed, being part of Inoveite's team is always an enriching experience for all our employees where they are always part of ongoing coaching and training sessions - whether through the collaboration with the HRDC/NSDP or the expert assistance of our leaders.

Every member of our community are able to make the most of the evolving technologies of this sector so as to provide agile and effective services to meet our clients' demands. We're always on the lookout for team-players who are passionate and ready to be part of our exceptional team. Begin your future by being a part of Inoveite.

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Creating Change That Matters You can define Inoveite by the dynamism of its people, where each and every one of us is an addition to our ever-expanding family united by a strong set of values. We strongly believe that great works begins together and paves the way for growth with passion. This same unity is the reason why we’re proud of our progress and indeed, we owe every success we’ve achieved to our dedicated employees. Working at Inoveite means that you’re just another step away from becoming proactive and independent. You’ll be highly encouraged to bring in your ideas and take the reins to show your capabilities!


Ongoing Learning Opportunities :

Grow With Us

Growth within a company is the ultimate objective of an employee. With us, you get the opportunity to learn a new thing each day and expand on your knowledge and build upon your current experience at every step of your career. At Inoveite, you will be regularly part of training sessions that will allow you to sharpen your skills and become better at what you already do! You’ll get the opportunity to remain abreast of evolving technologies & trends and be able to implement your newly-acquired knowledge in daily practice. Now that Inoveite is collaborating with the HRDC/NSDP, job applicants can also benefit from ongoing coaching sessions that will provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to kick start their career and carry forth throughout their journey.

Work Environment

Inoveite provides its employees with a pleasant, friendly and positive environment where they can work and achieve their daily goals. At Inoveite, we keep track of every employee's progress throughout their career to ensure that they are at ease with their work environment and are able to develop their full potential.

Happy Hour| Fri-DAY

We strive to work real hard, but we always have room for some fun every now and then Wind down, grab a glass and say cheers to some quality relaxing time together! Every happy hour is a special moment to share quality time with all those colleagues who you meet and greet everyday. Our happy hours keep our co-workers happy and also motivate them to end the week on a great note!